Kairos Public Schools Leadership Academy Home

Who We Are

Welcome to Kairos Leadership Academy! We build upon the Foundation laid in our Elementary program develop more leadership skills to be transferable to future careers! 
  • Civic Engagement
  • Effective Communicators
  • Critical Thinkers & Self-Motivated Learners

Our Mission

Kairos Leadership Academy…advances our scholars to become intellectually-rooted and thoughtful citizens by developing personal ownership and serving the community.


About Us

Kairos Public School’s Leadership Academy is a classroom-based 6th-8th grade program composed of students willing to meet the challenges of rigorous, integrated academic curriculum with a focus on civic engagement and developing leadership skills. The program offers moderate class sizes and a hands-on approach to learning, including design thinking, instructional technology, field experiences, community service, parent participation and a sports program. Students also take an active role in creating projects and reflecting on their own learning.